Photo by Michael Miller taken October 2016

A facial nerve injury severely disfigured my face, and for years I could not recognize myself. To further improve, I recently began working with Jackie Diels, a renowned expert in helping people retrain their facial muscles to obtain better function and symmetry. I plan to document my continuing recovery process hoping that this project directs others to experts and encourages them never to give up on achieving an improved outcome.   This work is primarily about regaining recognition and identity and will inform the thesis for my MFA in Film at Vermont College of Fine Arts.  I am currently assembling footage of an observational film on the destructive and haunting consequence of holding onto bad feelings and failing to forgive.  

Cecil DeMille calls storytelling the greatest art and I have chosen photography as my medium for telling stories.   I hope that my work leaves room for the viewer to think about the decisive moments in their lives and that they also have many interesting stories to share.